The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently released updated guidance for Wetland Screening and Delineation Procedures associated with the Waterway/Wetland, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO), and Storm Water Management  Programs.  This updated guidance document can be found at the following link:

Effective June 1st, 2016, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is requiring full implementation of this guidance.  The document now requires that before a Waterway/Wetland, CAFO, or Construction Site permit is even submitted, an initial desktop review of maps and aerial photos must be completed. If wetland potential is discovered in this review, a detailed site investigation will also be required prior to submittal of the permit application.  The site investigation can be completed by either the WDNR or a private wetland delineator.  If the WDNR conducts the review, the site can be no larger than 5 acres and they will not delineate wetlands, if present.  They also have up to 60 days to conduct their review.  If wetland boundaries need to be established for setback or permitting reasons a private wetland delineator will need to be hired.  The new guidance requires concurrence from the WDNR for any on-site wetland reviews which can also take up to 60 days; however, concurrence is not required if a WDNR Assured Wetland Delineator is utilized.  Robert E. Lee & Associates’ ecological division (NES Ecological Services) has wetland delineators on staff to aid in facilitating this new process.  Because NES has an Assured Delineator on staff, meaning WDNR concurrence on the wetland investigation is not required, the overall permit timeframe could be reduced by up to one or two months.

For additional information regarding these updated requirements, go to: