The City of Green Bay received a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant from the EPA to install permeable pavement and bio-retention ponds to provide treatment of storm water prior to discharging to the Bay of Green Bay. Robert E. Lee & Associates worked with the City to design a parking lot for Bay Beach Amusement Park that utilized “green” storm water features. The final project consisted of a 5-acre parking lot that was treated by permeable pavement, with a walking trail connecting the parking lot to the park, which is treated by a series of bio-retention ponds to provide storm water storage and pollutant removal. For the permeable pavement, the final design utilized permeable asphalt pavement, which was found at the time to be the most cost-effective option compared to permeable concrete and permeable pavers.
Advantages of using permeable pavement in this situation included that no additional area outside of the footprint of the parking lot was needed for storm water management. This saved the City roughly 0.25 acres of space that did not need to be allocated to a more traditional storm water management Best Management Practice (BMP) such as a wet detention pond. The perceived safety hazards associated with wet detention ponds near a park and small children were also completely avoided. Permeable pavement was the perfect storm water solution to be used at the amusement park, balancing cost with safety considerations.
Project Location

Bay Beach Amusement Park, City of Green Bay, WI


City of Green Bay

Services Used

Civil Engineering, Site Development, Storm Water Management, Surveying Services