Environmental Compliance

Complete Environmental Consulting Services

Robert E. Lee & Associates is a full-service environmental consulting firm providing a complete range of air, soil, and groundwater environmental compliance services for industrial, municipal, and commercial clients.

Our environmental compliance department includes experienced professionals who focus on the needs of our clients. Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your environmental compliance needs.

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Our Environmental Compliance Services Include:

Environmental due diligence is a vital part of property acquisitions, loan refinancing, business mergers, and foreclosures. Managing potential environmental risk can aid in protecting investments and ensuring viability of the future resale of a property. There are many examples of environmental issues negatively impacting the development of a property leading to unforeseen costs. REL focuses on assessing and managing environmental risk, providing straight-forward answers and assisting in the closing of transactions.

REL environmental staff have completed thousands of Phase I ESAs and hundreds of Phase II ESAs, site investigations, and remediation projects throughout Wisconsin for a variety of private sector clients, as well as projects involving the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Small Business Administration, WDNR, and U.S. EPA projects. Our expertise has not gone unnoticed, as we have been recognized as the preferred due diligence provider for many financial institutions. REL staff has successfully assisted in closing many transactions on properties with environmental issues.

All due diligence work will be conducted in accordance with applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Similarly, all investigative work will be conducted in accordance with applicable WDNR standards and guidance.

Environmental Due Diligence Services

  • Free Property Review Consultations on Potential Projects.
  • Record Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA) reports
  • Transaction Screens (ASTM E 1528-14)
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Pre-construction Corridor Studies for utility construction projects.
  • Training seminars on identification and evaluation of environmental risk
  • Third-party review of environmental reports
  • Phase II ESAs
    • Soil sampling
    • Groundwater sampling
    • Vapor sampling
Note: REL owns a Geoprobe drill rig enabling fast response times in completing Phase II ESAs.

SBA Environmental Investigations

REL staff are knowledgeable of SBA environmental investigation standard operating procedure and have completed many SBA funded due diligence projects. REL offers free SBA SOP training seminars.

Lender Liability Exemptions

REL has successfully obtained lender liability exemptions for properties in the foreclosure process throughout Wisconsin.

Voluntary Party Liability Exemptions

REL has worked with prospective purchasers on the Voluntary Party Liability Exemption (VPLE) process.

Robert E. Lee & Associates has completed numerous Brownfield Redevelopment projects for both public sector and private sector clients.

Below is a listing of Brownfield Redevelopment services and expertise REL offers.

  • Preparing Assessment and Remediation Grant Applications for WI Department of Natural Resources, WI Economic Development Corporation, and EPA grant programs
  • Brownfield Tax Increment Financing Plans
  • Local government Tax Increment Financing or Tax Abatement Programs
  • Federal or state designated Enterprise or Empowerment Zones
  • ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • ASTM Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Preparing Site Investigation Work Plans
  • Preparing Remedial Action Plans
  • Determination of cleanup levels
  • Cost-benefit analysis of remediation costs
  • Demolition assistance, including, asbestos inspections, lead-based paint assessments and completion of a pre-demolition inventory to categorize substances that require special handling
  • Third-party review/expert witness
  • Evaluating buildable areas related to on-site environmental conditions
  • Assistance in structuring purchase agreements related to environmental costs
  • Providing lender assurances
  • EPA Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), Health and Safety Plan (HASP), and Sampling and Analysis Plan Preparation (SAP)

REL has been a leader in the field of solid waste management in Wisconsin. Since our first involvement in the field in 1972, REL has continued to serve our clients through cost-effective and timely siting, design, and operations management of solid waste facilities.

More recently, REL has become a leader in ensuring monitoring and reporting compliance at active and closed landfills, which includes efficiently sampling numerous points and reporting the data to the WDNR. REL has also been a leader in managing closed landfills. REL works to ensure compliance of the facilities and has also engineered solutions to landfill cap integrity issues, drainage problems and maintenance of the monitoring network. Our clients include counties, cities, villages, towns, and private businesses. REL has a sampling trailer equipped with an ATV and a climate-controlled environment, ensuring efficient sample processing.

We also have extensive experience in the management of solid and hazardous waste generated during environmental remediation projects. We have strong relationships with local disposal facilities allowing rapid approvals for disposal of solid waste. We work closely with our clients and the WDNR to minimize hazardous waste generation. We also use innovative methods to treat the hazardous waste on-site so that it meets solid waste limits, allowing it to be disposed in state at a significant cost savings.

Below is a listing of services we offer under the Solid and Hazardous Waste Management category:

  • Groundwater monitoring and reporting
  • Landfill gas monitoring and reporting
  • Construction on historic fill sites
  • Compost facilities
  • Landfill site selection, investigation, and permitting
  • Landfill gas management systems
  • Regulatory agency negotiation
  • Contaminated soil management
  • Dredged sediment handling and disposal
Our investigation and remediation project experience includes former and current farm cooperatives, gas stations, dry cleaners, machine shops, petroleum bulk plants, paper mills, historic fill sites, plating operations, manufacturing facilities, spill sites, and illegal dumping sites.

Our staff has investigated and remediated hundreds of properties throughout Wisconsin. Through our work at these sites, we have developed expertise with a wide variety of contaminants and the appropriate investigation and remediation techniques. We have also developed strong relationships with regulatory personnel.

Contaminant Site Investigations

  • Site Investigation Work Plans
  • Soil Investigations
  • Soil sampling collection via:
    • Hollow Stem Augers
    • Geoprobe
    • Hand Auger Borings
    • Test Pits
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Monitoring well installation via:
    • Hollow Stem Augers
    • Geoprobe
    • Hand Auger Borings
  • Temporary well installation via Geoprobe
  • Private well sampling
  • Monitoring well development and sampling
  • Low-flow sample collection
  • Site Investigation Report Preparation
  • Remedial Action Planning
  • Fate and distribution of contaminant
  • Remedial action option evaluation
  • Remedial action selection
  • Remedial action option reports
  • Case Closure Requests

Vapor Intrusion Investigations

  • Passive air sampling (e.g. badges)
  • Sub-slab sample collection
  • Summa Canister sampling
  • Vapor screening using PID/FID

Hydrogeologic Investigations

  • Determine conceptual hydrogeologic framework
  • Evaluate groundwater flow patterns
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Groundwater / surface water interaction
  • Well interference
  • Quarry / gravel pit dewatering effects

Reimbursement Program Management

  • Drycleaner Environmental Response Fund (DERF)
  • Agricultural Chemical Cleanup Program (ACCP)

UST and AST Decommissioning

  • Tank decommissioning coordination and oversight
  • Tank System Site Assessment completion
  • Contaminated soil over-excavation
  • Tank closure report preparation

Regulatory compliance can be a complicated and costly undertaking. REL’s environmental staff can assist with state and federal regulatory compliance projects including:

  • Air permitting and reporting
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plans (SPCC)
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP)
  • Wastewater treatment and compliance