GIS / Mapping

Command Your World with Integrated GIS Services

Through the use of GIS, Robert E. Lee & Associates can provide your community or organization with fast access to accurate information to speed up the decision-making process. Information from several different sources can be combined into a powerful management tool. Streets, utilities, soils, property lines, tax information, zoning and other data can be monitored and administered efficiently and cost-effectively. Consult with our project managers to make GIS work for you.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic information systems (GIS) provides a complete solution for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. By linking precise geographic coordinates with detailed feature attribute data, GIS allows for effective visualization of patterns that could not be seen by scanning through rows and columns on a spreadsheet. GIS can benefit organizations of all sizes and in every industry. Implementing GIS facilitates better record keeping, improved communication, greater efficiency, and cost savings.

Basemap and Layer Options

GIS data layers can be viewed, queried, and interactively mapped to suit your unique application needs. Data sources can include tabular databases or spreadsheets, CAD drawings, digitized features from map sheets or aerial photography, and GPS/survey data. Existing data can be implemented into a new GIS system, or you can work with our experienced surveying and engineering team to collect the necessary data and information.

Modernize Your Workflow

Robert E. Lee & Associates uses only the most up-to-date GIS software and methodology while adhering to proven standards and principles. We partner with world leader, geographic software designer ESRI and their ArcGIS application platform to create and edit GIS data, perform analysis, and publish printed and digital maps. ArcGIS is the industry standard, meaning your data will never become obsolete. This also allows us to integrate publicly available county GIS data layers into your project to supplement your personal project data.

In addition to ArcGIS desktop software, our firm uses ArcGIS Online to deliver highly accessible GIS products to our clients. When you choose Robert E. Lee & Associates for your GIS project, you won’t need to install software that is costly and difficult to learn. ArcGIS online leverages the power of cloud computing, giving you access to your maps and data in a personalized application running in a web browser on any computer or mobile devices. This makes your data immediately available and usable as soon as the project is completed.

Field Data Collection and Use

Having GIS data stored online also means you are not tied to the office to access your data. Robert E. Lee & Associates can configure applications that allow you to view and locate features in the field using a smartphone or tablet device. In addition, you can update attribute data (such as the condition of a manhole) or attach photos to features, and have this data sync automatically to your GIS database.

Take maps into the field on any device, whether online or off. Staff can access maps and view real-time information to report problems, complete orders, and update records.

GIS Project Types

  • Utility system mapping
  • Street and right-of-way asset maps
  • Planning and zoning parcel maps
  • Facilities management
  • Detailed base-mapping
  • Park surveys and tree inventory
  • Wetland delineation mapping
  • Transportation and logistical analysis
  • Demographic trends visualization and analysis

GIS Services Provided

  • Automated mapping and cartography
  • Data capture and conversion including GPS
  • Database design and development
  • ArcGIS Online and mobile GIS configuration
  • Integration and conversion of CAD data
  • 2D and 3D site location modeling
  • Mailing address generation
  • System design, implementation, and maintenance
  • GIS system consultation, training, and support
  • Customized solutions