Due to significant growth, the Village of Wrightstown needed to increase their long-term reliable water supply. After investigating the option of a new well, and finding high levels of radium after several test wells had been evaluated, REL evaluated the installation of a pipeline from either the Central Brown County Water Authority or the Village of Ashwaubenon with cooperation from the City of Green Bay. Additionally, working with the Village’s financial consultants, Ehlers and Associates & Schenk SC, it was determined that the best option for a long-term and cost-effective source for water was to connect to the Village of Ashwaubenon water system. REL worked with the financial consultants reviewing and studying funding options, and it was determined that funding for the project was best served with a WDNR Safe Drinking Water Loan.

A project consisting of approximately 62,000 lineal feet of 18-inch water transmission pipeline was installed between the Village of Wrightstown and the Village of Ashwaubenon. The project also included two meter stations, one located at the Village of Ashwaubenon end of the project and one at the Village of Wrightstown end of the project. The stations provide constant monitoring through an integrated SCADA system that allows each community to monitor and control system operation.

The project was constructed in public rights-of-way owned by Brown County, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the Village of Wrightstown, the Town of Wrightstown, the Town of Lawrence, and the Village of Ashwaubenon. As part of the permitting process, REL worked to identify archaeological, environmental, and ecological sensitive areas, and propose methods to minimize disruption to or avoid those affected areas. REL also worked to acquire Wisconsin Public Service Commission approval along with WDNR, county, and various municipal permits to allow for construction of the project.

Project Location

Village of Wrightstown to Village of Ashwaubenon, WI


Village of Wrightstown

Services Used

Civil Engineering, Construction Services, Environmental Compliance, Funding Assistance, Municipal Engineering, Surveying Services, Planning and Development, GIS, Ecological Services, Water Systems, Permitting