Protect and Sustain Your Municipality or Industry

Capture and control storm water, a resource that needs careful management to meet ever-changing regulations, protect and improve our environment and natural resources, and provide an overall benefit for your municipality or industry. Consult with one of our project managers about our storm water management services.

Robert E. Lee & Associates offers a wide range of storm water management services for both municipal and private clients, including:

  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Best Management Practices Design
  • WDNR Storm Water Management Grant Applications and Assistance
  • Stormwater Utility Assistance
  • Property Surveys and Topographic Mapping
  • Comprehensive Municipal Stormwater Management Plans (WDNR MS4 Permitting)
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • Computer Modeling (WinSLAMM, XPSWMM, etc.)
  • Floodplain Determination/Analyses
  • Stormwater Collection and Conveyance Systems Design
  • Construction Bidding, Administration, and Observation
  • Stormwater and Outfall Sampling, Testing, and Analyis
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