Personalized and Detailed Service Makes Your Job Easier

Transportation is the pulse of your municipality, and smart transportation engineering keeps commerce and commutes flowing smoothly.

To help create and sustain a healthy pulse, Robert E. Lee & Associates, Inc., provides a full range of transportation services from initial concept through design, permit acquisition, staking, and construction inspection.  Consult with our Project Managers about how REL can meet your transportation engineering needs.

REL’s transportation engineering services include:

  • Street & Highway Design
  • Bridge/Drainage Structure Design
  • Permit/Funding Application Assistance
  • Bridge Painting Observation
  • Traffic/Parking Impact Studies
  • Bike and Pedestrian Walkway and Trail Design
  • Surveying (Conventional and GPS)
  • Right-of-Way Platting
  • Transportation Project Plats
  • Stormwater Management & Drainage Design
  • Floodplain Studies
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Contaminated Site Investigation & Remediation
  • Wetlands Determination / Delineation and Permitting
  • Utility Systems Design
  • Endangered & Threatened Species Assessment
  • Construction Services
  • Construction Administration
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